testimonials“Ari helped me change how I view my relationships and as a result many of my relationships have improved by leaps and bounds. My mother and I have become close again and I actually look forward to talking with her on the phone when before I’d do as much as I could to avoid her. I really enjoyed working with Ari, she was so great with me. ” Jennifer N

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Ari L. Her Act As If, Change Your Life Process has changed my life. I am one of Ari’s Act as if Change Your Life Coach graduates. Ari helped me become motivated about changing my life for the better. Her technique is amazing. When I am working it, along with my Spiritual Practices I am a manifesting magnet. I can definitely tell when I am not working her technique. Her program is absolutely amazing and she will teach you how to have the live you choose. She genuinely cares about her clients and their successes. Whether she is coaching one-on-one or giving one of her workshops, she is passionate about life being an exciting journey of discovery. We can create this amazing journey of discovery using her life changing technique. If you are ready to live the life of your dreams, attend one of Ari’s workshops or try her one-on-one coaching. By doing Ari’s simple technique called Acting as if, you can have the life of your dreams. I have been doing it, and the things I am creating are amazing!

Rev. Linda Overton, RScP
Certified Life Coach
Act As If, Change Your Life Coach


“Fantastic Information! Great program!” Robert J.


“Very helpful and informative. Thank you!” Teresa E.


“Really enjoyed this workshop – amazing stuff…” Paulina G.


“Ari L speaks from her heart with passion and commitment towards helping people create the life of their dreams. She has tapped into a Universal process of creation and has simplified it in a way that practically any person can understand and implement in their lives. Ari L is truly a joy and I recommend that everyone learn her methods for self-growth, manifestation, and personal expansion.”   Nathan Crane


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