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How to Create the Love of Your Life – Teleconference

Valentines_Day_Life_CoachingValentine’s Day 10:00 am – 11:30 am (PST)

  • Are you truly tired of being single?
  • Are you longing to have that true love relationship?
  • Are you ready to learn to change your love vibration?

Ari will absolutely show you how to get there!

The cost for the teleconference is only $25.00!! When your payment of $25.00 is received, the teleconference phone number will be emailed to you.

If you have already been guided to the love of your life, please pass this information to a friend.

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 How to Raise Your Vibration Using Essential Oils

Teleconference: Thursday, October 9th, 2014, 7:00 pm

Call 712-432-6100 access code 239027#

To an outsider looking in, our world looks a little broken. Okay a lot broken! Why are we so broken?

Why is depression the norm? Why are people turning to pills instead of turning within?

Why are so many people desperate to live a different life?


The answer is so simple to some and so complex to others!!!

One of my favorite quotes:

“The definition of insanity “Is doing the same thing and expecting different results”

Modern Medicine has only been here for 100 years!!!! And in those 100 years we have absolutely been doing the same thing and expecting different results!!!!!!!


It’s time we do something different!!!!! It is time we do something different!!!

Join me Thursday, Oct 9th for an informative teleconference that will absolutely teach you how YOU can be different and absolutely live a life that is filled with vibrant health and energy!!!

Come this way, it feels REALLY good over here!!!!


Why are we so broken!!!!!!!?

“18 Days to Financial Bliss”

The 18 Days to Financial Bliss is a program that could absolutely transform your life. During the 18 day program you will learn about your Abundance Vibration. Where yours came from and how you can transform yours to start bringing you more opportunities and more financial flow.

 Do you experience the same financial struggles year after year? Different year same challenges. I will teach you why this is and how you can change it. My program is absolutely transforming lives. Come join me and yours could be transformed too.

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Is Act as if Change Your Life Coaching for you?

Come to a fun, free hands on event and learn about this amazing technique and how it is changing people’s lives.

Learn how you can become a Certified Act as if Change Your Life Coach in as little as 6 months.

Are you wanting a different life? Then you need to do something different!

Act as if Change Your Life is doing something different.

All people in attendance will receive my E-Book Creating the Love of Your Life, by Using Your Imagination.

Sign up for coaching and receive a month free. Bring a friend and receive an additional 20% off your first month of coaching.

A special gift will be raffled-off during the event!!!

“Act” now, space limited to 15 people!

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Act as If…Change Your Life Workshop

Sunday, April 15th 12:30 pm -2:30 pm

This workshop will change the way you look at things!!!

You will walk away with tools that can indeed change your life…

Come learn from the Act as if Change Your Life Master- Ari L

Ari L will teach you how to tap into the magic of your imagination…

Do you want a different life?

Then this workshop is a must…

The cost for this workshop is a suggested $25 Love Offering.

Each participant will receive Ari L’s life changing E-Book “Creating the Love of Your Life, by Using Your Imagination” at no additional cost ♥

Come see what all the talk is about…

Ari L is a natural story teller, she will inspire you to truly live the life of your dreams…


San Diego Center for Spiritual Living
1441 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA

Workshop San Diego, CA

Women’s Journey Conference

Women's Journey Conference

May 19th – University of California, Irvine

 Ari L will be sharing her unique techniques at this wonderful conference.  Join 3 generations of women for a day of inspiration, joy and self-discovery.  Other featured speakers include Marianne Williamson and Cloris Leachman.

“Since 2002, the Women’s Journey Conference has assisted women in improving their feelings of self-worth by providing day-long program of motivating workshops, inspiring speakers, invigorating entertainment, shopping opportunities, time-out for self-reflection and camaraderie. The Women’s Journey Conference is dedicated to empowering women and building self-esteem in young girls in Orange County, CA.”

Creating Your Life’s True Desires – December 2, 2011


At Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Sunday, October 23, 2011

SAVE THE DATE This event is free with paid admission to the Spa.

Join us Sunday, October 23rd at the Hot Springs as we celebrate the physical, metal and spiritual health of women. We will be joined by experts and luminaries in the areas of health, well being, finance, fitness, mind-body, healthy cuisine, and more. This all-day event is free with admission to the Hot Springs of $10 will be donated to Casa de Paz, Inland Empire’s transitional living facility for victims of domestic violence.