18 Days to financial Bliss Teleconference tonight 11/14/2012

Call 712-432-6100 access code 239016#

Tonight is the big night. Join me tonight at 7:00 pm (PDT) for an informative teleconference “18 Days to Financial Bliss”. During the teleconference I will explain my program and go into detail why it works.
Program begins November 18th!

In order to obtain a high quality program space is limited to 26 participants.

Do you want a different life when it comes to money?

Do you find yourself struggling year after year after year?

Do you know it is impossible to change your current financial situation without changing your vibration?

Listen to my teleconference and I will explain my program and how it can absolutely transform your life!

Trying to succeed without changing your vibration is like being a hamster in a hamster cage expecting to get some where.

Same hamster! Same wheel! Never getting there!

Are you ready to get there?

Tune in tonight. There will be a question and answer session at the end of the call. This will be a great time to get all your questions answered.

I will be sharing how you can get the “18 Days to Financial Bliss” for FREE!

Ari L
Act as if Change Your Life


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“18 Days to Financial Bliss” Teleconference November 14th

18 Days to Financial Bliss
Informative Teleconference

Are you interested in joining my incredible program? A new session will be starting the 18th of each month.

The 18 Days to Financial Bliss is a program that could absolutely transform your life. During the 18 day program you will learn about your Abundance Vibration. Where yours came from and how you can transform yours to start bringing you more opportunities and more financial flow.

Do you experience the same financial struggles year after year? Different year same challenges? I will teach you why this is and how you can change it. My program is absolutely transforming lives. Come join me and your life could be transformed too.

Join me Wednesday November 14th @ 7:00 (PST) for an informative teleconference that will explain the “18 Days to Financial Bliss Program” and why it works. You will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the call.

The next program will start November 18th. Visit my website today and register for the program early and receive a special price. Go to http://www.actasifchangeyourlife.com and click on 18 Days to Financial Bliss. You can pay for the program there through PayPal. Checks, cash and money orders are also accepted. You can send payment to:
Act as if Change Your Life
826 Orange Avenue #527
Coronado Ca 92118
Payment must be in by November 18th at 3:00 (PST)

To insure intimacy this program is limited to 18 participants!

Call (712) 432-6100 access code 239027#

I will be posting Blogs that will be explaining my program in more detail and why it works.

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Dear Ari

Six years ago this January I thought my life was falling apart. Everything I had known was no longer. My life was at the darkest saddest, loneliest place it had ever been. I had truly hit the bottom and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get back up.

Today almost six years later I was going through some of my paper work and I stumbled upon a journal entry I had written March 12th 2007. When I read it I realized that indeed my life wasn’t falling apart it was falling together.

Here is the journal entry I wrote to myself.

March 12, 2007

Dear Ari,

I am so very proud of you. I honor you and I respect you. Hold on tight and get ready for the most amazing adventure. Your life will never be the same again. Your thoughts right now are creating your reality. You live your life by such an awesome example. People learn from you. People are attracted to your light. Live everyday to the fullest. Create your reality right Now! Keep doing what you are doing and always have fun.


I realized six years ago in order for me to truly live the life of my dreams I was going to need to do the work. When I say work I mean I was going to need to do what ever it took to raise my vibration and become a match to everything I had ever wanted. I knew that if it was to be it was up to me.

I can honestly say I haven’t turned back since that day. I have been putting my attention on only what I want and turning away from what I don’t want.

I close my eyes as I go back six years ago as I sat feeling hopeless, desperate and alone as I hold my own face so tenderly as I whisper in a sweet calming voice saying to you “You’ve got this. You are here on this earth to absolutely make a difference in the world. Keep moving forward my beautiful friend. I guarantee this, your life is absolutely transforming to everything you have ever wanted. Keep moving forward, full steam ahead”.

So as you read this I am holding your sweet face in my hands as I whisper a calming message to you “You’ve got this. You are going to be okay. Put your attention on what you want. Your life is transforming and whatever you might be working through rite now I can guarantee this to shall pass. Shine your light bright.”

Do you want a different life? In order to experience different you need to be different!

Have an absolutely amazing day and I look forward to talking to you again really soon.

P.S. I am right here if you need me

Ari L

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“18 Days to Financial Bliss”

Act as if Change Your Life

“18 Days to Financial Bliss”

Are you financially a mess? Are you longing to create a better financial flow in your life? Do you feel like year after year the same financial despair keeps showing up? Are you tired of being broke? Do you feel like you got the short end of the stick? Are you constantly worried about money? Do you feel like a certain circumstance or circumstances put you where you are financially?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions we have one thing in agreement here, you would really like more money.

Why do some people have an abundant flow of money and others do not? Why are all your friends and family pretty much in the same financial boat you are in?

Do you want a different financial flow? Then it is time to grab a different boat.

I have an answer to the question thousands of you are asking. Are you ready for the answer? What if my answer could change your life? Would you listen? Would you do what is necessary to change your current circumstances? What if it was going to take a little work? Would you still be willing to do what was necessary?

What if I were to tell you the reason why you are experiencing the financial despair you are experiencing is because of your “Abundance Vibration”

What if by raising your “Abundance Vibration” you could change your financial flow?

Everything has a vibration. What we want and what we don’t want all have a vibration. In order to experience financial bliss your vibration has to be a match to it.

Are you constantly complaining about being broke? Are you in a state of worry when it comes to your finances? Do you surround yourself with people that are in the same financial place you are in?

If you answered yes to any of these questions your Abundance vibration is LOW.

What if by changing the way you are looking and feeling towards money you could change your Abundance Vibration?

I have created the most incredible program

“18 Days to Financial Bliss”

In my incredible, life changing program I teach you how to raise your Abundance Vibration. I teach you how to look at your financial flow differently. I teach you how to become a match to “Everything” you are wanting.

Come join me Wednesday September 12, 2012 7-8 pm (PDT)

For a free teleconference that will explain my incredible technique and how it is transforming lives.

I have opened my pilot group up to individuals who would like to participate in my incredible program. Each participant will be coached by me weekly during the 18 day journey to financial bliss.

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? Then this teleconference is a must.

Call 1-832-551-5100
Access code 166519#

or sign up for the program before it closes on October 18, 2012 at 3:00 pm PST

Ari L


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Abundance Vibration

Abundance Vibration

Change your Abundance Vibration, change your life!

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Dreams do Come True!

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My Prince Charming

In thirty days I will be marrying the man of my dreams, my prince charming. When my marriage ended over five years ago I was absolutely devastated. I was the saddest I have ever been my whole life. My world felt like it was dumped upside down as I plum-ag to the depths of utter despair.

As I write this I am in complete understanding as to why I went through what I did. At the time it felt like pure agony. As I sit her thinking about the man of my dreams and how in a few short weeks I will be his wife I understand how it was all absolutely perfect and on purpose.

I know when we are in the middle of it all it doesn’t feel that way. And especially when our dear friends and family are telling us this to shall pass and all we want to do is crawl under our covers to never come out again. Of course they were right and of course at the moment they were telling us this we definitely didn’t believe them. How could something so painful ever feel better?

I am here to tell you it’s possible. I am also here to tell you that those devastating experiences we go through are actually part of the journey and if we are willing to take life by the hand and allow it to guides us we most definitely come out on the other side a new improved version of ourselves.

I thank God for my first husband. He taught me so much. And what I am the most grateful for is he definitely taught me what I didn’t want. By being in the relationship and experiencing what I did I became an expert at what I didn’t want. Therefore knowing exactly what I did want. Most of the time people would view this as a failure or a waist of time. I view this as absolutely perfect.

When my marriage ended I knew that I didn’t want to do that again. And I knew if I wanted something different than I needed to be different. I knew my old vibration created the first experience and my new uplifted vibration was going to create my new experience.

I did it!!!! I am so proud of myself. I did what was necessary to raise my vibration and bring to me the man of my dreams. By knowing what I didn’t want I was able to turn everything around and create what I did want. And remember to be grateful for what you didn’t want, because without it you wouldn’t know what you want.

What do you want? Do you think any part of your life was a waist of time? I invite you to look at life differently. You experienced everything you have experienced as part of this incredible journey. You definitely know what you don’t want. Now turn around and start putting your attention on what you do want.

Have you read my E-Book” Creating the Love of Your Life, by Using Your Imagination”? In this incredible life changing book I share with you my love story and how I went from absolute devastation to Bliss!!! Come check it out it could possibly change your life.

Click on the link

Ari L

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I will se it when I believe it!!!

You know how the old saying goes “I will see it when I believe it”?

What if I were to tell you that it is very powerful to first believe and then you will see .

What if you were to believe you were healthy even though the Doctors diagnosis was different? What do you think would happen?

Did you know the Universe doesn’t know the difference between what you are imagining and what is real? And hear this” What you are imagining is real”. What if right now you started to act healthy? What if right now you went from the place of what you are wanting is already in your life?.

What do you think would happen?

Do you think it is possible? Than it is!

Do you think it isn’t possible and there is no way that could happen? Than it isn’t!

Your life is based on your beliefs. Life shows up based on where you are putting your attention.

How many of you want a successful life? But everyday when you wake up life doesn’t feel so successful. You can’t pay your bills and your car isn’t working. Do you think it would be possible to believe you are successful even if your life is showing you otherwise?

What if you were to Act as if you were a successful person? What if you acted as if every time you turned around massive amounts of money were being handed to you? What if every time you checked the mail you would receive bundles of thank you cards telling you how amazing you are?

What if by turning away from what you don’t want and putting your attention on what you want you could indeed experience everything you are wanting?

Would you behave differently?

If you want a different life you need to be different!

Come join me Wednesday June 20th for a free Teleconference

Act as if Change Your Life Coaching Certification Program! Is it for you?

I will be talking about my program and explaining to you what it is about and why it is making a difference. People are starting to talk about my program. People are noticing my life and how amazing it is. Come join me and I will teach you how to have the life of your dreams and then go out in the world and teach others.

6:30-8:00 PST call 1- 832-551-5100 access code 166519#

Come find out about my amazing coaching program and how it is changing lives!!

Ari L

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44 More Days Until My Wedding

My wedding is right around the corner words can not describe how excited I am. Everything is coming together beautifully.

When we started planning the wedding we decided we wanted to plan it in a way that didn’t cost a lot of money. We really felt it wasn’t necessary to spend a ton. The most important thing was our love for each other. We were even thinking about eloping.We realized how important our wedding day was to so many people and eloping was out of the picture.

I got out my Act as if Change Your Life journal and I started writing about how incredible our wedding was. I described everything in such detail I could feel it.I would have an Act as if Change Your Life phone call’s with my mom. I would act as if I was talking to her and sharing with her how everything was coming together so beautifully.

What was I doing? I was tapping into my imagination and going from the place of what I was wanting was already mine. I was Acting as if and Changing My Life!!!

Sure enough everything started to unfold beautifully.

My amazing friend who has an absolutely gorgeous house offered to have our wedding at her house.

Her friends are in a band and they asked if they could play at our wedding.

My incredible friend who is a minister and an Act as if Change Your Life Coach graduate, offered to marry us.

Her talented daughter who just finished photography school wanted to know if she could shoot our wedding for her portfolio.

The minister who is marrying us, her husband wanted to know if he could be the videographer.

My graphic designer sister offered to do our wedding invitations.

My brother in-laws cousin works at a cool upscale second hand store in Newport Beach. She invited me to try on dresses. We had the store to ourselves for two hours. I found my dress and it is absolutely beautiful!

We were thinking about doing cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. A wedding cake would cost $300. My mom sent me a message letting me know Costco has amazing cakes.
Price $40

Every time I turn around more amazing things are being guided to me.


Because I am putting my attention on what I want.

I am Acting as if and Changing My Life!!!

Amazing things like this always happen to me!

I am an Act as if Master!

Stay tuned for more wedding details! I am so excited!

Ari L

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My Wedding Dress!

I remember when I was a little girl I would dream about my wedding. I would think about how beautiful I would look in my dress and how I would ride off into the sunset with my prince charming.

At the young age of 21 I was married. The sad thing was, he wasn’t my prince charming and we definitely didn’t ride off into the sunset.

When my marriage ended I was devastated. Not because my marriage ended (that was a good thing) because my dream of being married and living happily ever after came crashing down right in front of my eyes.

I longed to be in a relationship that felt good. I longed to be with someone that was indeed my prince charming.

One day after my marriage ended it hit me (rather hard). I had a second chance. I could indeed marry my Prince Charming and ride off into the sunset happily ever after, just like I dreamed about when I was a little girl.

(Read my E-Book “Creating the Love of Your Life, by Using Your Imagination” to hear the whole story of how I met the man of my dreams)
(Read my Blog the Proposal to hear how my Prince Charming Proposed)

I truly tapped into what I was wanting and I raised my Vibration bringing to me exactly what I wanted, The Man of My Dreams.

So here I am with a second chance. I have an opportunity to do things right, an opportunity to be loved in a way I didn’t know before.

My wedding is July 14th! I have been waiting for this day my whole life.

Everything is falling into place beautifully. I have found the perfect dress! The dress I will be wearing as I walk down the isle to marry the love of my life, my Prince Charming, my best friend.

The dress I will be wearing when I become Mrs. Ari Lower!

I believe in fairy tales and dreams coming true! I believe in magical lands and princesses!

I BELIEVE! Do you?

Ari L
(Magical like the mermaid)

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