Ari L - Life Coach

 Ari Lower is a Motivational Speaker, Transformational Coach and an Essential Oil Educator. Ari’s incredible technique will absolutely transform your life. Give Ari 30 days and she can change your life.

 Ari’s dynamic speaking style and inspirational stories teach you that it is possible to have exactly what you want by “Acting as if and Changing Your Life!”

 Ari uses vivid stories of personal accounts to motivate and inspire. Ari’s motivation arises from her own struggles and turbulent past. Ari has overcome many obstacles using her “Act as if Change Your Life” technique, she started developing as a teenager.

 Incurable disease, bitter divorce, foreclosure, and bankruptcy are among the many challenges placed before her. Yet, throughout this incredible path Ari has taken, she has realized not only her own power to change her life, but the power to help others change theirs as well. Ari’s life experiences have shaped her present passion – to educate, motivate and inspire. Her words are honest and direct.

Ari shows through her example that no matter what our story is, by using our imagination and “Acting as if” our lives will be transformed!

Ari L     619.876.3598   arilower@gmail.com