90 Day Transformation

90 Day New Years Transformation Program

The 90 Day New Years Transformation, is a program that will take your New Years Resolutions to a new level.

Do you set the same New Years Resolutions year after year? Do you promise yourself every year that this will be the year you finally accomplish everything on your list?

Loose weight

Get more organized

Stop a habit

Work out

Start a business

Make more money

Run a marathon

Fall in love

Why is it that every year we set new years resolutions and every year we fail? What if I were tell you, that you fail because you are programmed to fail. What if I were to tell you, that your dominant vibration is bringing you opportunities to not succeed? What if I were to tell you, it isn’t possible to succeed until you change your vibration?

Do you want to know where you are vibrating? Look at your life.

Trying to succeed without changing your vibration is like being a hamster in a hamster cage expecting to get some where.

Same hamster! Same wheel! Never getting there.

Are you ready for once in your life to set your New Years Resolutions and succeed?

Join me and 25 other participants January 1st for a journey of a lifetime!

To insure intimacy this program is limited to 26 participants!

Pay in Full – $599

Pay in 3 Monthly Payments – $205 each month

For more info, join Ari L December 5th @7:00 (PDT) for an informative teleconference that will explain her program in  detail. There will be a chance at the end of the teleconference to ask questions. To join the teleconference call (712) 432-6100 access code 239027#