The Proposal!!!

It was the day before Valentines Day and we were heading to my boyfriends (Tom’s) parents house. We had an early Valentines date and the kids were going to make Valentine cards and eat pizza at Tom’s parent’s house.

I honestly felt that if Tom was going to propose he would probably do it on Valentines Day and not the day before. I had no idea what the night was about to turn into. After dropping off the children (his and mine) we drove to Whole Foods. I was getting ready for a juice cleanse and I was juicing as much as possible.

We ordered our juices and then sat down. Tom flew that day and he looked a little tired. As we sat in Whole Foods I knew for sure that night was not the night. After we finished our yummy, healthy juice we proceeded to walk to the car. The night was cold and a little windy. Earlier in the day it was raining. While we were walking to the car Tom said” I forgot the umbrella” I figured we would be fine since we were heading back to his parents house.

As we started our drive Tom suggested we walk around Balboa Park. “Oh but it’s so cold “I said. He suggested it would be great and it will give the kids time to finish their Valentines and eat their dessert.

We drove into Balboa Park’s parking lot. When I got out of the car it was really cold and I was thinking how I really don’t like to be cold. I also recognized how beautiful the night was and how the love of my life wanted to walk around and enjoy the beautiful evening with me. I got over how cold it was very quickly.

We proceeded to walk to this really beautiful garden with a fountain. The sound of the water and the wind blowing was incredible. Tom started walking toward some cement benches that you had to walk up three cement stairs to reach. Above the benches were small lights so we were able to see each other.

As soon as we sat down he started to tell me how important the garden we were sitting in was to him. His dear Grandma that had passes away quite a few years before loved coming to this garden. He lost his Grandma and Grandpa a few short months apart. While looking at me so lovingly, he explained that he really felt his Grandparents had something to do with the two of us meeting. He felt they played a big part up in “Heaven” bringing us together.

His words were so touching and filled with so much love. I hugged him and told him how much I loved him and how much his words meant to me. While embracing he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. Since it was so dark I couldn’t see what he was holding. He proceeded to open up the box while expressing to me how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

Okay so I need to go back in time for a minute. For those of you who read my book “Creating the Love of Your Life, By Using Your Imagination” You know the story of how I went from absolute despair to being guided to the man of my dreams. This has been an incredible journey and I recommend if you haven’t read my E-Book you order yours today. I did the work. I raised my vibration. I did what was necessary to become a vibrational match to what I want. I acted as if for 2 1/2 years the man of my dreams was in my life before I “actually met him”

I raised my vibration bringing to me the most amazing, kind, caring man. This man is my Dream come true. He is my everything!!!

I loved this man the minute my Vibration met his.

We can be do or have anything we want. It is all based on where we are vibrating.

Do you want to know where you are vibrating?

Look at your life…

Do you want a different life? You need to raise your vibration.

My technique is tried and true. Contact me and I will show you how.

Okay where did I leave off?

He asked me to marry him!!! I was hugging him and crying and telling him how much I loved him. He looked me in the eyes and he sweetly said to me,” You didn’t answer my question”. YES I shouted out loud!!!!! Yes I will marry you.

I haven’t stopped smiling since that night. I am so excited that I am truly experiencing what true love feels like.

I did the work my friends. I didn’t turn around after my divorce and repeat history. I didn’t play the victim and blame the world for my sadness. I took responsibility for my life.

I took a step back and decided I wanted something different. I wanted to experience love in a way I knew was possible.

I knew in order to experience something different I needed to be different.

I can teach you how to truly live the life of your dreams…

Are you doing the assignments?

Send me a message and let me know how they are going?

I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. This journey is so exciting and I am so grateful you are a part of it…

Ari L (Soon to be Lower)

Magical like the Mermaid


About actasifchangeyourlife

Ari Lower is a motivational speaker, life coach, former childcare professional, and mother of two. Her dynamic speaking style and inspirational stories teach you that it is possible to have exactly what you want by “Acting as If…and Changing Your Life!”
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