Our emotions are our guidance system. I am a true believer in the teachings of Abraham. I am in the process of rereading Ask and it is Given the teachings of Abraham. In the book it talks about our emotions and how they are a very powerful guidance system to where our vibration is.

I often say” If you want to know where you are vibrating look at your life” A lot of you tell me you don’t like your life and you want to make it better and you aren’t sure how to do that. Our emotions are our guidance system. If you are feeling low and in despair than that is where you are vibrating, bringing to you opportunities to match up to that feeling place.

Our emotions are very important. And what I found to be so life changing when I was going through my divorce is it is important to go through the process of your emotions. For the first time in my life I allowed my self to be sad. I allowed my self to be in absolute despair. I felt every part of each emotion. The important part of my healing process is I didn’t allow myself to stay down for too long.

I felt each emotion; I stayed for as long as needed then I moved up the emotional ladder to the next emotion. As soon as I was done feeling despair I was ready to be in hatred and rage. I said things I had never said before. And as soon as I allowed myself to really feel hatred and rage I moved through that emotion and was ready for the next emotion. I was ready to be angry. Angry at my ex for leaving me. Angry at my ex for deserting his children. I stayed there for a while and felt every bit of anger.

After my anger I started to blame myself. Trying to figure out what I had done to be where I was in life I started pointing the finger at myself for messing up my life. I didn’t stay there for too long next I found myself in worry. How was I going to support my children? Who would ever want to be with me?

The whole time I was moving up the emotional ladder I was raising my vibration. I was changing my frequency. I was doing a job well done.

So many times you hear parents say stop being angry! Stop Crying! Stop being a baby! They meant well, and at the same time they were teaching us how to not feel. We were given our emotions for a reason. And it is so important for us to learn at a young age how to move through them.

Where do you think I went next on the emotional ladder? I was heading straight for boredom. I started being bored of being alone I started wanting to do things I wanted to go out and experience life. Where I was heading was a lot better than where I started in complete agonizing despair. I would take boredom over depression any day.

Then one day I woke up and I found myself feeling hopeful. I started feeling like it was possible to meet the man of my dreams. I was hopeful I was going to be able to move forward in life and be happy.

What do you think helped me up my emotional ladder? Act as if Change Your Life. I can honestly say this amazing life changing technique saved my life. While I was doing my Act as if technique I was able to get to hopeful very easily. I was taping into what it would feel like to truly be happy. I was able to get to the other side of depression and truly enjoy my life.

How many times have you been in despair, got really mad and than found your
self in despair again. Climbing up the emotional ladder is so important. Pay attention to how you feel right NOW. Do you feel hopeful? Or are you feeling desperate? Your emotions right Now are creating your tomorrow.

My technique can help you my friends. I can show you how to move up that emotional ladder with absolute grace and ease to start truly living the life of Bliss…remember our emotions are important. Stuffing them and not feeling them only creates a roller coaster of emotions.

Here is to feeling good my friends.

Your assignment

I want you to write a thank you card to the Universe. Last assignment I had you do an Act as if Phone Call today you are going to write a letter telling the Universe thank you for the thing that you wanted. Remember to go from the place of what you are wanting is already yours. What does it feel like to have what you want?

Have an amazing week my friends! I thank all of you for who you are.

Ari L


About actasifchangeyourlife

Ari Lower is a motivational speaker, life coach, former childcare professional, and mother of two. Her dynamic speaking style and inspirational stories teach you that it is possible to have exactly what you want by “Acting as If…and Changing Your Life!”
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