1000 Singles by Valentines Day

Is it possible by acting as if what you are wanting is already in your life, the thing you are wanting will come to you?

I Say Yes!!!! When we are in fear, worry or doubt that becomes our dominant vibration. Bringing to us things to be worried about.

When we are able to go from the place of Trust and Faith, this becomes your dominant vibration.

Our Vibration is a frequency. It radiates out into the Universe and then the Universe in return brings back to you experiences that match where you are vibrating.

This way of being is absolutely delicious!!!

When we act as if what we want is already in our life, we are raising our vibration..

I acted as if the love of my life was in my life for two years before I met. By behaving this way I raised my vibration.

Are you single? Do you know someone that is single? My technique works…

My technique works in every part of your life..

Your assignment “90 Day New Years Transformation”-Valentines Day is right around the corner and I want to reach 1000 singles and I need your help.

Are you single?

If you haven’t read my E-book “Creating the Love of Your Life, by Using Your Imagination” I want you to orders yours today.

All you have to do is go to my website http://www.actasifchangeyourlife.com there you will be able to buy my book for a very small price of $4.99.

My E-book is a great explanation/demonstration of how this stuff works.

This “Stuff” works my friends. I want to shout it from the roof tops and let the world know.

If you follow the steps in my book you too could be guided to the Love of Your Life.

Please pass my website along to all your friends and family members that you think would benefit from learning what I have to teach.

I want to reach as many single people as I can before Valentines Day. And I know with your help I can do that.

Please make sure you are sending people to my website. I want to track how many people purchase the book.

Do you think it is possible if I act as if 1000 people buy my book by Valentines Day that indeed 1000 will?

I want to be an amazing example that this stuff works. I will do my part and I will raise my vibration and Act As if and I need you to do your part. Tell the world let everybody know about my amazing Life Changing E-Book “Creating the Love of Your Life, by Using Your Imagination”

I will keep you up to date on how many have been sold. I will than announce the final # on Valentines Day!!!

This is going to be sooooo much fun. Thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey….

Ari L


About actasifchangeyourlife

Ari Lower is a motivational speaker, life coach, former childcare professional, and mother of two. Her dynamic speaking style and inspirational stories teach you that it is possible to have exactly what you want by “Acting as If…and Changing Your Life!”
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