Life is Like Skate Boarding!

I was watching the guys over at the skate park yesterday some of them were really good. The incredible thing to watch was they all fell down. And the time they fell was when they were really reaching past there comfort zone. Doing a move that took a lot of skill. They would try it, crash and burn, get back up and try again. They didn’t give up. They didn’t walk away and go back to what was easy. They were determined to do it. And they did!!!!!!!

How many times have you been up against something that you give up on because you think it is too difficult? How do Pro Skate Boarders become pros? They keep doing it. They never give up! What would happen if they were afraid to fall (Fail)?

How many times have you started something to find you have given up because you are afraid and you don’t want to fall down?

Reach for the Stars my friends…Dream Big!!!!

2012 is your year for accomplishing EVERYTHING you are wanting!!!!!

Are you ready? No, really are you ready? Put your hand on your heart and repeat after me “2012 is my Year…I choose to be great…If anything is to be, it is up to me…I choose to dedicate myself 100%, no holding back full speed ahead”

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Thank you for reading my Blog- You are the Best!

Ari L


About actasifchangeyourlife

Ari Lower is a motivational speaker, life coach, former childcare professional, and mother of two. Her dynamic speaking style and inspirational stories teach you that it is possible to have exactly what you want by “Acting as If…and Changing Your Life!”
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