My Time is my Own…

For over a year now part of my act as if change your life focus has been on my time being my own. I would sit quietly while I focused on how it would feel to be able to plan my day exactly the way I wanted it. Not answering to anyone but myself. If I wanted to stop in the middle of the day to meet friends for lunch I was able to do just that.

At the time I was focusing on being able to do that, I was living the exact opposite life. My time wasn’t my own and I felt like it belonged to everyone but me. Pay close attention to what I just said “I FELT like it belonged to everyone but me” What happened when I felt like that? I became a vibrational match to my time belonging to everyone else but me.

When I decided I wanted something different. When I decided I truly wanted to be able to create my day exactly the way I wanted. Go on vacations when I choose to with out having to ask anyone’s permission or ask for time off. When I started focusing on what I wanted and began to turn away from what I didn’t want, “Magic” happened…

It really hit me today that by turning away from what I didn’t want and focusing on what I did want and using my amazing Act as if technique I found myself at the Skate Park with my beautiful son in the middle of the day on a Monday.

For the past 20 years I have been working where my time wasn’t my own. By changing my vibration and acting as if I was living the life of my dreams and experiencing the career of my dreams and that my time was my own. I became a vibrational match to what I wanted.

What are you complaining about? What do you put your attention on? How are you feeling about your Life?

This morning I talked to a couple of clients, answered some emails, cleaned my house a little than it was off to the skate park where we spent the remainder of our afternoon. After we were done at the skate park the love of my life and I walked to the grocery store while we enjoyed the beautiful weather in Coronado.

My time is my own…Why? Because I think it is!!!

When we put our attention on our life not working we get more of that. I recommend you start going from the place that your life is exactly the way you want it.

Have an amazing night and remember to listen to my Tele-Conference this Thursday night December 29th from 6:30-7:30 Pacific Standard Time. Check out my website for more details


About actasifchangeyourlife

Ari Lower is a motivational speaker, life coach, former childcare professional, and mother of two. Her dynamic speaking style and inspirational stories teach you that it is possible to have exactly what you want by “Acting as If…and Changing Your Life!”
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1 Response to My Time is my Own…

  1. Carolyn G says:

    Wow! This post was very powerful and hit home for me. I just told a love one about the changes in our living arrangements on 12/26 that will go into effect in less then 60 days. It’s now about me and my life and how happy I plan on being. Thank you for making me aware of how to create my own vibration. Much love to you Ari L and have a bless day. Cgd

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