Uncertain Times

Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times are you filled with worry and fear? Do you go to bed with a heavy heart not knowing what your future holds? Do you wake up feeling the same way you did when you went to bed but a little worse?

What if I were to tell you that everything we are experiencing is all based on where we are vibrating. If you want to change your life, you need to change your vibrational frequency.

I need to change my what? You might be saying out loud right now. You need to change your vibrational frequency. When we go from a place of fear and worry, low vibration experiences are brought to you.Why? Because you are a vibrational match to them.

I spent so many years in a place of fear and exhaustion. My life felt like it was going nowhere fast. It wasn’t until I finally hit the bottom that I was truly ready to do what was needed to have the life of my dreams.

What do you want? Financial freedom? Vibrant Health? True Love? Faith and Trust?

What’s stopping you? Are you sure you want to know the answer?

You are stopping You! Your vibrational frequency is what is holding you back…

Do you want to know how you can change your vibration?

Act as if Change Your Life is a life changing technique that is going to change Your Vibration.

And it is going to take work. How old are you? How many years have you been thinking and behaving the way you are? How many years have you been repeating history bringing to you more opportunity to be miserable.

If you want a different life you need to be different. And I will tell you right NOW it’s possible…

If you are reading my words, please know that I have been there. I have been in absolute despair, not knowing how to make it better.

My life’s journey has brought me right here! Where I am living my life as an example. Come this way my friend, it feels good over here


About actasifchangeyourlife

Ari Lower is a motivational speaker, life coach, former childcare professional, and mother of two. Her dynamic speaking style and inspirational stories teach you that it is possible to have exactly what you want by “Acting as If…and Changing Your Life!”
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